Services and Solutions

Within the field of education, we offer high-impact, innovative solutions. Indeed, our profound and intense commitment to our own children’s learning brought us closer to the world of educational coaching five years ago. As it evolved, we became familiar with Dr. Jane Nelsen, a world-renown educator and creator of Positive Discipline © (, an Anglo-Saxon educational model based on Alderian Psychology.

Through this relationship, we are certified through the American Association of Positive Discipline as CPDPE (Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators) and as CPDTE (Certified Positive Discipline Teachers Educators).

With this approach, our services and solutions create positive learning environments with a systemic vision, equipping all parties involved in our children’s education (educators and families) with new capabilities and practical resources in the pursuit of a new education that offers our children soft skills (self-knowledge and self-management, empathy, solidarity, teamwork, resilience, the pleasure of learning, communication skills, etc.) in addition to hard skills (knowledge).

These are some of the services and solutions that we bring to schools (management teams and faculty), parent-teacher organizations and families, always with a tailored approach to the particular needs of each institution:

Disciplina Positiva (habilidades sociales y de vida) en Centros Educativos (con enfoque integral para educadores, familias y niños)
Recursos en el Aula para profesores
Liderazgo y Comunicación para Equipos Directivos y Claustros de Profesores.
Buenos líderes, buenos padres (modelos de liderazgo vs. modelos educativos)
Reconociendo el universo de las emociones, ayudando a crecer positivamente