methods and tools

All of our services and solutions are supported by our proven methodologies which have already benefited various clients.

In addition, our approach is founded on well-recognized research and analysis tools within the field of organizational and individual behavior, making us a reference in this area.

aktitudes Toolkit ©
aktitudes Toolkit ©

aktitudes Toolkit © is our exclusive tool kit to analyze different types of critical skills in people and organizations.
We normally utilize our aktitudes Toolkit © during a project’s preliminary phase in which we preform a quantitative analysis (which complements a qualitative analysis), helping us to develop a basic metric to understand the organization’s or individual’s baseline when it comes to addressing a certain type of solution or service. This approach allows us to identify the best possible route to improvement.

We have our own versatile, dynamic online platform. Some of the tools we typically use include:

PLUME Soft Skills Test ©, our soft skill evaluation test for Comprehensive 5D Leadership.
TEAM Test ©, our test identifying the status of a team’s evolution as it moves towards high performance.

HEALTH Test ©, our test to assess organizational health.

BLOSSOM Test ©, our test to assess multi-level communication skills.

DELEGATE Quiz ©, our test to evaluate effective delegating.

IDEA Quiz ©, our test to identify creative ability and positive thinking.

…and many more tools to analyze and help develop effective meetings, stress and time management, etc. All of these tools are applicable to individuals, groups, teams, departments or entire organizations in order to obtain statistical results for individual or group diagnosis.

other tools
other tools

In addition to our aktitudes Toolkit©, we are also certified to use other non-proprietary tools. These are a perfect complement to our own and extraordinarily useful in the development of or our services and solutions. Principally we use:

Bridge ©
A psychometric tool that allows us to identify different styles of relating to others. It also can identify different profiles and behavior patterns with a good degree of precision.

Sikkhona ©
Based on Photolanguage, this tool allows us to accompany teams in their journey towards excellence.

The Coaching Game ©
Also based on Photolanguage, this tool offers us an extraordinary range of experiential activities with teams and individuals.

Metalog Training Tools ©
This set of tools and games converts concepts such as communication, leadership, teamwork and sales effectiveness into multi-sensorial and multilevel experiences that provide true learning.

Five Unique Strengths Framework ©
This tool provides an opportunity to work with teams, focusing on developing their individual strengths, rather than bringing attention exclusively to their weaknesses.

Gaming Tools
These help increase familiarity with sales teams through games.

All of these are perfectly integrated with out own services and solutions, greatly fostering communication, experiential learning and knowledge transfer.